The Address

Wool-gatherer | 3 Aug 2010, 3:39am

A star traveling across the sky
In the formless ominous space
There is no map of the universe
No lamp guide to distance

“Where is the house of the friend?”
The traveler asked at the birth of the moon
And the moon the orb of powdered light
Said in the softest tones of memory

“Before the house of the friend
is the planet of sparkling music
stop there as it flows through you
to reach there slide through that fold of space
just by the drowning crimson supernova”

the traveler looked around and asked again
“Where is the home of the friend?”
said the moon, “In the direction of my gaze”

- A Tribute to Sohrab Sepehri

PS: I'm Back!


At work after 7:30PM

Wool-gatherer | 14 Jul 2006, 7:29pm

The air conditioner whirring

Clickety-clicks of tactile feedback keyboard

Maybe a flip of a page or pages somewhere

Jangling of a bunch of keys

Moans of adjustable seats

Ah the chair on wheels rolls

The murmur must be them office trolls.

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Please Dont

Wool-gatherer | 14 Jan 2006, 11:59am
To become a soulless, thoughtless zombie
To become an unfriendly, unfeeling machine
To become an irreverent yet irritable slob
To become dishonest, disgusting rattler
To become a head nodding bobby doll
To become a glib talking, greasy salesman
To have the life wrung out of you
To learn how to sell yourself
Do an MBA

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Plastic Flowers

Wool-gatherer | 12 Jan 2006, 10:32am
You became someone else
When you smiled for someone else
You died and can never be yourself again
You're not real, nor are your emotions
Your thought is borrowed
So are your devotions

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Wool-gatherer | 29 Jul 2005, 10:23pm

Eat a frog first thing in the morning and nothing can go worse the rest of the day but just when u think it canít get worse, it does. Yieeks, Scary proposition! Let us evaluate the validity of both the statements. So what could be worse than eating a live frog anyway?  Ö.eating live frogs for the rest of the day. Going by this hypothesis the new theory should be: Eating a live frog in the morning could only be an indication of how the rest your dayís going to be. Some of us landed in a dark electricity deprived < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Dubai with 12 Kgs of hand luggage. Some frog, that was! We got our bullfrog laptops the next day. But you know what; all that weight lifting is going to be good for building our muscles. Hypothesis no. 3 : Eating a live frog every morning only helps build resistance to that ugly flavourÖhell, you might even start relishing it! Ah this one, I like :D. Moral of the story; Nothing builds character like torture, and while youíre at it, might as well enjoy it.

Hail masochism!

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A Call

Wool-gatherer | 28 Jun 2005, 8:07pm

Donít know what I was afraid of,

It's all the same again.

The very horrors I was running from

Have caught up with me again

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I thought it would be an exchange

This fear for that

But what I didnít realize

Is all I have is all I bring in my pack


Someday, I must break free.

Today or tomorrow.

Need an idea to spark in my mind

Or even one that I can borrow.

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Current Music: U2- Vertigo


Darkness, my old friend

Wool-gatherer | 26 Apr 2005, 1:25am

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My journey through this tunnel,

Now slowly approaches the end.

The longest swords of light, 

And the darkest wisps fight,

To their territory defend .


Irony, lifeís favorite _____


Piercing my naked eyes as i attempt to see,

The rays of light like jewel shards darting at me.

Slivers of hope they were supposed to be,

To clear the blur of indecision.


The comfort of ignorance, I do not wish to surrender,

The sanctuary in deliberate blindness.

But, Iím forced to move on,

Perhaps to meet another end.

Iíll miss you, my old friend.


I see the way I am headed

Yet I tread reluctantly.

I wish I knew where Iíd find my home

So Iíd grow the spurs, I need, to leave u behind.


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Wool-gatherer | 7 Jan 2005, 6:15am


Rukaawat keliye khed hai.

Chaar Deewaariyon mein ek ched hai.

Kompyuuter ki khidkiyon ke bhi kaan hote hain,

Bas behre toh sirf insaan hote hain.

hint: translate to yinlish... crossword award , heeere i come :D

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Apocalypse Again!!

Wool-gatherer | 11 Nov 2004, 7:26pm

Bush and Kerry,
quite contrary.

Oranges and lemons,
sold for a Cheney.

Ring-a-ring-a roses
a nation unsoundly dozes

Rock a by baby on the tree top,
when the wind blows the cradle will drop.

And all the doomed army and all the stealth planes,
could not put the world together again!

Dated: November 3rd, 2004.

"May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof (White House)." -John Adams, 2nd US President, and the first one to live in the White House (1735-1826)

Guess who's writhing in his grave ...


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Still Crawling

Wool-gatherer | 30 Oct 2004, 6:14am

Caterpillar dreams

Turbid waters

SOS screams

Life in quarters



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Current Music: In my heart - Moby


First Jab

Wool-gatherer | 2 Oct 2004, 11:14am

Empty words and hollow phylactery.
Life, there is no purpose to it,
There is not purpose to this parchment.
Stain, i'm told, colours character,
beauty, pristine debilitating
My pen dare not smear with splatter.

Yet i succumb to the voice of the sinister,
For the universe tends towards chaos.

Ere, i present to you my disturbed space,
To wittness the ravages of disgrace,
Here she lies wordless and tainted,
My virgin, violated.

There is nothing more dibilitating than an empty canvas staring back at you saying ,"you can't paint a thing!" . - Van Gogh (not sure)


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